You are misrepresenting climate science. Climate change does not have "Catastrophic" consequences. It has negative economic onsequences but they are small compared to other factors. For a temperature change of 2.7 degree C the negative impact will be about 2 % of global GDP at a time when global GPD is 5 to 10 times higher than now:

You are also misrepresenting the complexity and costs of using intermittent socalled renewables as wind and solar. Which can not supply a modern society with energy without backup, which makes them prohibitively expensive.

All said and with Nordhaus a forced planeconomic net-zero policy wil make the global society much worse of than global warming, which a rich and smart world easily and cheaply can adapt to:


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From where are you pulling the statement that a 2.7 degree Celsius increase will be "displacing tens or hundreds of millions of people"? This seems like a far-fetched and low quality post compared to the excellent stuff you usually post. Please do better than this, Joey!

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have a look at https://bit.ly/thethingsthatgiveusjoy for a map of putting oil, gas, and coal onto a roadmap of permanent reduction.

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