Firstly, great article. Secondly, I was curious what index you used for the CPI research series. I found this one on FRED: Research Consumer Price Index: All Items, Index 1982=100, Seasonally Adjusted (CPIEALL).

But the graph doesn't look like yours. Maybe I'm missing smth embarrassingly obvious here but if not, could you point me in the right direction?

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So I was clicking through some of the links in this excellent article, and I got really confused by this one:


First off, it's just wrong that Unlearning Economics (UE) was saying we are measuring inflation incorrectly. Instead, UE's point was that addressing inflation concerns atm means addressing supply-side issues. But this seems to be what you think too. Here's a quote from the article below "the transitory inflation we are currently experiencing is more a result of pandemic-related shortages".


Am I misunderstanding you? Or did you just that article because of its discussion on cost of living vs. inflation?

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