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Very nice work. Three gold stars!

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This is a superbly-written piece; crystal clear!

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A nice job, with good support from academic studies. Timely.

My Jan. 1 newsletter looks at inflation, in ways that are consistent with this post.


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Few can write like this.

Having just bought a used copy of a primer on advanced economics, received Thursday, with the first chapter being history and concluding with a sub essay on inflation expectations, this seemed clearer.

I did think inflation expectations and the media could be investigated. Inattentiveness reduces as more is said, or other factors are involved e.g If the report is from Fox, Dems are in charge, the average Fox viewers expectations might be high. If CNN, Dems are in charge, the average CNN viewers expectations might be lower.

Is your subscription service only the free model or is there a paid option?

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Jeremy Rudd, of the Fed, is skeptical of the importance of inflation expectations: "Economists and economic policymakers believe that households’ and firms’ expectations of

future inflation are a key determinant of actual inflation. A review of the relevant theoretical

and empirical literature suggests that this belief rests on extremely shaky foundations, and a

case is made that adhering to it uncritically could easily lead to serious policy errors."


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nice post. one question: what’s the role of money supply in managing long run inflation. it seems to me that this trumps expectations. eg in the long run, prices can’t continue to increase if money supply is fixed

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