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Great analysis. As an owner of rural land and a builder of innovative affordable homes I can testify that I am denied permission to erect houses for rental on my 50 acres of land that is classified 'rural residential' because the zoning requires me to subdivide to create seven blocks and the associated infrastructure to support just seven homes. If the land were zoned 'rural', only one home would be allowed. Effectively, development is restricted to unimaginative large corporations capable of providing land fronting a constructed road for single homes to continue the 'urban sprawl'. If landowners such as myself could build appropriately sized homes for singles, couples and the smaller family units of today, the required increase in supply would be forthcoming. There are better ways to go than mindless continuation of alienating urban sprawl that I describe on my substack, ways and means to build more functional communities to provide better outcomes, in particular for women and children. Planners who are socially conscious need to examine what they are doing and get back to basics to re-imagine what they could be doing. Here in Australia, the basic parameters are laid down at the state level and the results are as you would expect wherever central planning is employed. Abominable. Inhumane.

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