Love the research and distillation of the snow storm of information into something I can wrap my brain around. I got hit pretty hard by AMZN, MSFT and GOOGL plunges but all companies are fundamentally great and Joseph gives me hope that they will turn around at some point. Thanks for the article Joseph. Information is terrific. Happy Thanksgiving

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*rant disclaimer*

The rest of the country looks at Silicon Valley as an Ivory Tower. The equity diaspora has happened with remote work. Interest rates are going through the roof and there is very little labor movement due to the housing crisis. These publicly traded companies are going through labor changes. There are many industries in many other regions that would love to have these employees & their experiences.

My alarm was the drop in San Jose rents before $META even let off people.

Culling may be a strong word, but who Programs the Programmers? Tech bro toxic culture is real and not appreciated by the working class. Crypto only serves to reinforce this. Look what they did to San Francisco or PDX. Look downtown. They did not serve their own communities. They ran to a new enclave in Idaho, Montana, & Arizona.

H-1B is a broader fight on Immigration which will serve to stabilize the same supply chains near silicon valley too. Think produce.

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I am in Monterey Penninsula and have been on Twitter, @Kummernuss, talking in real time over the past few weeks about this. The tech bro culling is real and necessary for California to get out of their complacency and stagnation. No more Ivory towers. Pelosi is focusing on Constituency on that note.

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