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The 2024 Economic Outlook: Growing Confidence

2023 Economic Year-in-Review

America's Energy Export Boom

The Economic Fallout of Student Loan Forbearance Ending

The Most Important Inflation Indicator Shows More Cooling Ahead

Car Markets at the End of the Chip Shortage

The New Economic Geography of the Housing Shortage

Are Real Wages Rising?

America's Return to Strong Growth

America's Record Wealth Boom

Monetary Policy in a Surplus Economy

The British Economy Was Stronger Than We Thought

America's Economy Was Bigger Than We Thought

The Green Trade Wars

The Fed Sees a Softer, Higher Landing

America's Missing Empty Homes

Celebrating Apricitas' 1-Year Anniversary

How Weight Loss Drugs Stopped a Danish Recession

America's Weakening Labor Market

The Economics of Global Rearmament

Have Rising Mortgage Rates Frozen the Housing Market?

The State of Russia's Wartime Economy

Germany's Industrial Slowdown

The EU's Fragile Recovery

What was the Tech-cession?

Sticking the Soft Landing

How China Suddenly Became a Car Export Powerhouse

The Economic Impact of the Student Loan Restart

The Most Important New Disinflation Indicator

The Semiconductor Trade War

US Supply Chains are Recovering

Tepid Optimism for a Soft Landing

The Case for a Fed "Skip"

The UK's Stagnation

How the Banking System Changed Post-SVB

The Housing Credit Crunch

Americans' Excess Savings Are Mostly Spent

A Softer Landing on a Longer Runway?

Car Inflation is Back—Don't Panic!

Core Inflation is (Finally) Cooling

The Risks Still Lurking in the Banking System

The Death of First Republic?

America's Industrial Transition

Did the Energy Crisis Accelerate The Energy Transition?

The Disinflationary Process Continues

Germany's Slowdown

A Historic Labor Market Recovery

What Killed Signature Bank?

Supply, Demand, and Today's Inflation

The Death of Credit Suisse

The Fed's $300B Emergency Response

The Fed's Plan to Rescue the Banking System

The Death of Silicon Valley Bank

ChatGPT, Please Take My Job!

Ukraine's War Economy, 1 Year In

Can Australia Keep the Miracle Going?

Russia's New Friends

Korea's Trade Troubles

The Road to Disinflation

Canada's Balancing Act

Financial Conditions Are Tight, But Maybe Easing

The US Labor Market Was Stronger Than We Thought

America's 2022 Slowdown

Can The Housing Market Stabilize?

A Special Preview of Critical Upcoming US Economic Data

A Global Perspective on the Car Shortage

The Core Story of American Inflation

The Eurozone's Unique Inflation Crisis

How Europe is Decoupling From Russian Energy

The Most Important New Inflation Indicator

The British Inflation Crisis